Monday, March 3, 2008

Sewing Hurts

So, I spent some time sewing this weekend, of course, and incidentally I almost died in the process. Okay, died is a strong word, how about got zapped into oblivion?

I recently acquired a used (early 70’s?) sewing machine from a thrift store. I don’t know what I was thinking when I went to get it serviced. $70 later it was running like butter. The only catch with this little bugger of a sewing machine is that it has a knee pedal rather than a foot pedal. Having always used a foot pedal, I just couldn’t adjust to this one. So I unhooked it from its little holder (don’t you love my strong verbs and adjectives?) and placed it onto a shoe box so that my foot could do the pressing rather than my knee.

This worked for quite a while, until this weekend when the shoe box caved in. So I reached down to pull my pedal out of the shoe box when I got zapped. Apparently the bottom of the foot pedal is all exposed wire (wicked safe). I came out to where my boyfriend was, of course, napping, all jumping around saying “I just got zapped. I just got zapped.”

Now I would like to tell you here that my boyrfriend jumped up to first examine my hand and health and then jumped up to see what wretched thing did this to me, but alas, no. My knight in shining armor instead sat there and said, “well I guess you can’t sew any more.”

Like that was an option.

I would also like to tell you here that I went out and bought another foot pedal or sewing machine so that I would no longer be allowing electrical currents to reek havoc on my body, but no, alas, I did not. Instead I placed the pedal on a more secure box and finished sewing my quilt. Each time I placed my foot on the pedal wincing in preparation for electrical zapping. So far I haven't been zapped again.


Karyn said...


I wish I could tell you that I didn't laugh at the pain you endured, but alas, no. It was too darn funny of a story to not laugh. :-)

Would a pair of wooden shoes help?

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my.

(One more reason to love my Husky.)

g said...

I knew sewing was dangerous!

{please be careful...}