Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun Comments

I will be drawing the Leap Day Winner tonight, so if you haven’t entered yet see the post here. Everyone left such hilarious comments that I had to share some.

Both Karyn and Sam agreed that using a hedgehog as a ninja weapon would be choice. Although they did acquiesce and choose the Chinese Star.

Jen would use her bare hands. Kathi D. found some killer (couldn’t resist) nunchakus here. They glow in the dark—that is killer.

Bec spent some time debating the merits of both, but chose in the end nunchakus as they gave her the most options- looking darn flashy as one of them.

Molly was concerned she would hurt herself more than others with nunchakus so she went with the Chinese Star.

Thanks for making me chuckle everyone! Everyone who left a comment on this will be entered….I am so excited to see who will win and exactly how far around the world I will be sending it.

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