Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Works in Progress

I'm so happy to share these two projects that are works in progress. They are going so well and I am very excited to see how much I can get done this weekend.

These are all my blocks for a What a Bunch of Squares Quilt (WABOSW)from Denyse Schmidt's book Quilts. I have made this pattern once before, but found that I choose all bright medium colors (yellow and greens mainly). It sort of felt like a circus quilt when I was done. The fabric here was from one of those holiday packages sold at Joanne's. They aren't holiday colors, but they were in a little tin all picked out and matching. One of my aunts gave them to me for Christmas.


My other WABOSW quilt was also too perfect. I followed more of a pattern with it. Cutting out so many of the middle, small, and large sizes. This time I really just winged it. It went a lot faster that way.


Except for when I was like 15 blocks in and I realized I might not have enough fabric. Luckily I made do and that is why there are a few crazy blocks mixed in.



I plan to border each block in white. It will be a full sized quilt for our bed. Surprisingly, most of my quilts are throw sized. I tend to stay away from the larger ones because they are difficult to manage once they get put together. I still need to finish my mom's Christmas quilt. That has been weighing heavily on me and making me feel wicked guilty. Soon, mom, soon.


I just realized looking at these photos that they are all slightly out of focus. I took them this morning and sometimes it takes my contact lenses a few hours to settle in if you know what I mean.


Okay, I am just going to show a glimpse of this project. I love this new technique and will share it with you next week when I get the book that I recently ordered. I can't believe I haven't seen this crop up on other blogs yet. There are so many options with what you can do with this.



The texture gets even better once washed. I haven't had a chance to wash this piece yet.


kelly said...

You are a quilt-making machine! This is so inspirational. I'm going to cut up some future quilt fabric this weekend -- thanks for the kick in the pants!

ezeldabeth said...

i really love your quilt. i just recently discovered denyse schmidt and i think you have really captured her style :)

Karyn said...

As usual, I love everything you're working on. The fabrics in the first quilt are fabulous together. And I can't wait to see what happens with that last cut-out project.

g said...

You've been such a busy, busy bee! Everything looks amazing - the "what a bunch of squares" is perfect & I love that new technique...

mithrilsea said...

the fabrics you've chosen are great. i like how you've changed the blocks rather than just using a pattern. looks great!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this quilt, can't wait to see it finished!! The fabrics are just wonderful, so fresh!


She sure is strange! said...

I wanted to ask you, how do you quilt? Machine? Hand? Freeform? And, is that brown fabric(with the cut-outs) supposed to fray like a rag quilt or just kinda frizzle-wrinkle a little bit?

Molly(who can hopefully post with her google/blogger id this time, hmmm, maybe not)

the Campfollower said...

I have wanted to try this quilt for sometime, you have inspired me to push the bags aside and go for it....well maybe next week. Lovely! I really like the reverse aplique too. You are such a clever little lady!

bettyninja said...

Thanks a ton everyone. Molly- I sew by machine almost exclusively. Once in a while if I get really desperate I will sew something by hand, but that is normally because I already tried unsuccesfully by machine. I think hand sewing is the best looking, but I am just not patient enough. From what I can tell (I haven't washed it yet and I am sure it will depend somewhat on what type of fabric you use for the top) the fabric will kind of, as you called it, frizzle-wrinkle a little bit. I would like it to sort of curl rather than rag, but knowing my luck it will rag. Anyway, I plan to post a big post about this really soon because it is from a really great book called Alabama Stitch book. So more to come. I hope that answered your questions!