Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh the places I have been!

I'm back and thanks to all of your amazing comments, well wishes, and crossed fingers and toes my animals are safe and sound too. Misty had such a blast at my friend Sonya's house that she even returned to us a special edition of Misty's Vacation DVD. It is so funny. They dressed her up in clothes and played with stuffed animals with her.

I am so behind with work I haven't had a chance to sort through my 1,200 plus photos. I should have them all up by the end of the week and blogging tomorrow. In the mean time, a few of the places I've been.







Jacquie said...

Glad you're back. Can't wait to see!

g said...

So good to have you back & so happy your animals did well while you were away.

Can't wait to see more photos & hear more about your trip!

Karyn said...

Welcome back!!! I got the fabric and the necklace, and I love ALL OF IT. I wore the necklace and got tons of complements on it. And the fabric is wonderfully eclectic, just like you said.

Your package is going in the mail tomorrow!

Can't wait to see photos and hear stories about your trip!

StitchingSurgeon said...

glad you're back! can't wait to see what you get into next. :)

Kate said...

i'm so jealous of the amazing pictures and can't wait to see the rest!