Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alabama Stitch Swap

The partner info has been emailed! So check your inboxes. If you signed up to particpate in the Projects from the Alabama Stitch Book Swap you should now have your partner's name and mailing info. If for some reason you do not, let us know by emailing betty (underscore) whoosh (at) yahoo (dot) com or jmcoyle (at gmail (dot) com.

Thanks to everyone that signed up! And thanks Jen from Craft Adventures of Stitch Chick for helping put this together with me.

Don't forget the July 30th deadline to mail the finished project looms. Take your stitching with you on your summer adventures and you should be done in no time!


projectecoart said...

I'm in - and very excited!!!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Excited and slightly terrified to be your partner ;-)