Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mendocino Pink Quilt

So a while back I confessed that I did, in fact, buy the entire line of Heather Ross Mendocino fabric in all colorways. Disgusting I am with my addiction, I know. (Actually I feel guilty as heck having three drawers full of fabric.)

Anywho, even thought Shannon told me to stop quilting so she can catch up- I can't! No really, I made this when I was on Christmas break from school. I had days upon days of just trying to get my head screwed back on straight and sewing.

Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

Back Heather Ross Mendocino Quilt

The design is just a hodge podge of piecing together what I had left. I have already made two other quilts that were primarily Heather Ross fabrics here and here.


Rebekah said...

Fun stuff! I love heather ross fabrics

Cami said...

Love it! Super cute and very cheery.

Rosa said...

Gorgeous quilt. The colors are so wonderful!

gardenymph said...

God, I just love your quilts. These colors are so bright and fun. I am trying to prevent myself from buying the whole line of Darla by Tanya Whelan, so I know how you feel.

Liss said...

I can see why you are obsessed with these designs.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It is so pretty! Love those fabrics :)

star said...

wow! just gorgeous! lovin' the colors!

also wanted to let you know i tagged you! :)


Jilly said...

I love this quilt! Those pinks and purples are so great, aren't they? One day I might cut into my Mendoccino stash, too. I think I was pretty temperate -- I only bought about half the collection.;).

Gen said...

Wow, what a fantasic quilt!