Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mirror Find

I can't wait for yard sales! In the mean time I have been haunting local thrift shops. I found these two mirrors (matching!) for $5 each. I am eager to find just the right long buffet that I can place these on top of.

Mirror Find

Mirror Find

I most likely will be painting them, which I am excited about. One of the first things that really got me into crafting- was furniture refinishing. I used to score things at yard sales and paint it, or paper it, or otherwise change it and resell it at a consignment store. It was fun little side money, but really I just did it for the love. I haven't quite worked out how I will paint in a third floor apartment, but the desire to do so is half the battle.


thelady said...

Jealous much, I never find things that nice, especially at that price.

Karyn said...

Awesome find. Definitely share photos when you paint them!