Monday, January 5, 2009

A peek in my drawers

For reals, you know I mean my sewing drawers.

In these plastic little drawers next to my machine remains most of my stash (gosh- okay I confess there is some leakage in other locations).

Sewing Corner

On top of my drawers.

Stack by my machine

I don't know why I thought this would be fun to show- but it just looks so colorful.

In my drawers

I am pretty stocked up for the moment with bobbins and such. I keep my baubles here too. Sometime I was going to take apart the less flashy ones and make new baubles, but that hasn't happened quite yet.

In my drawers

Here is a better close up.

In my drawers

I love that thread and my Gingher scissors. And of course my bouncy ball.

In my drawers

A bit of my stash and some vintage metal embroidery hoops. I keep empty spools of thread because I am crazy like that.

In my drawers

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LauraJ said...

I've taken a quick look around here and flickr and I have to say you make the prettiest things!