Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Tour

With the new year I have finally been able to clear away some clutter and take you all on a tour. More rooms to come.

We live in a two bedroom apartment with our dog, Misty, and our cat, Lucky. I love to thrift and that is how I found really everything I own. So come along for the tour.

This is the side room and the little sewing corner. The couch I got for free from my previous place of employment. I picked up the machine at a second hand shop for $20, but had to spend around $70 to get the darn thing running.

Side Room

This is basically the same picture, but a little closer. I am a double picture-aholic if you didn't know.

Side Room

Now we are approaching where all the good stuff is made- my little sewing machine. I recently was able to stick most of my stash into the drawers. Above it is my inspiration line.

Sewing Corner

Sewing Corner

Closer views of the inspiration line. I love the boating ad- Dogs need weekends too.

Inspiration Line

You may note in the summer months my blogging is more lean in many ways because I am off mountain biking. This is one of my favorite girl shots, because heck there are hardly any girl mountain biking shots out there.

Inspiration Line

Here are some details. Like the vintage lamp I had to rewire behind my machine.

Vintage Lamp

This little sleepy sun was made by my younger brother in 1990.

Brother's creation

He also made this clay weight too in art class. I love his style.


My sewing dish.

Sewing Dish

My next post will be a peek in my drawers (sewing drawers people!)


Karyn said...

That couch is super sleek and beautiful to look at. But I must know -- is it comfy?

Rebekah said...

such a cute and eclectic space! I love your finished cross quilt.

Stacy said...

IS that ET on the sofa?

Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a lovely space! I love your vintage treasures tucked about, and I enjoyed seeing the imagery on your inspiration line :)

gardenymph said...

Great space! I love the mix of old and new. Very cool. The cross quilt looks like it was meant for that couch and vice versa. :~)