Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here are a few more details on my Green Wonder Quilt. Like the gingham binding all rolled up.

Binding Spool

And the back. I just used whatever big pieces of fabric I had around. As you can imagine with all the quilting lately- my stash is dwindling fast.

Back of Green Wonder Quilt

Back of Green Wonder Quilt

I even used some of the hot pink from my Hot Pink Cross Quilt (in progress) on the back here. Man I had yards and yards of that stuff.


kelly said...

Love the gingham binding!

Ah... a dwindling stash. What a concept. I really need to get to making more quilts... keep posting yours and perhaps your initiative will rub off on me! ;)

Rachel said...

Looks good!

Liss said...

Gingham is so pretty no matter what the colour.

gardenymph said...

I am drooling over this back!!!! Awesome!