Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Did you know that I collect just about everything? Yeah, really it is sort of a sickness. My vintage bauble collection has been running over too. I've put some pieces up in the shop- check it out! P.S. I took all these photos with my macro add on lens. Seriously one of my most favorite purchases ever.

The Hippo in the Room

Vintage Baubles

Vintage Baubles

Some Vintage Baubles


Shorty said...

I love what you have in your shop! I must admit I pondered over the baubles for a bit... wishing I could squeeze them in my budget, especially when your prices are so perfect. And, those buttons! I'll have to come back to your shop when funds are flowing a bit more freely at mi hacienda.

Alison said...

Those are pretty!!

the grigoryevs said...

oooh...i love the orange! makes me think of creamsicles, yum.

Victoria said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Liss said...

I am in love with the hippo, ii is so adorable!

Rachel said...