Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I thought I would try a little Martha this weekend



I tried the felted fortune cookies on Martha Stewart's website for Valentine’s Day. These will be for my mom as I had all the fortunes be for things I know she wants. For instance- you will live in a house by the beach, the yard sale of your dreams is coming soon, etc…



I’ve heard sorted reviews of the project out in blogland, but overall I am very pleased with them.



g said...

They came out great & I love the "take-out" container you choose to put them in - perfect!

{I especially like the fortune about the yard sale!}

kathi d said...

I have seen these around, but I think you have convinced me to give them a try! They look great!

bettyninja said...

I wish that yard sale fortune to come true so badly.

Kathi--they were really easy to make you should really try them. I just bought the cheap 20 cent sheets of felt to make these.

blabby said...

I love it! Those came out so great. Is that a container store box?

bettyninja said...

I got the containers at Jo-anne's fabric last year on sale. Although I noticed they have similar ones this year too! :)