Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things that come from the sea

You may recall that Adam and I were scavenging for sea glass not too long ago. A beach near where we live always has the best chunks of sea glass. We didn’t have much luck that day, but in the past we have found light purples, turquoises, sea foam greens, and your basic browns and solid greens.

Sea glass necklace

This necklace was a little more Adam than Betty made. We had to solder the jump rings and since he has done that at work before I let him have at it. So I guess he doesn’t nap all that much….


These are some of my vintage baubles. I am a sucker for the jewelry table at any church rummage- if I can get in at. I’m really coming to the conclusion that I am drawn to bright bold colors and prints. Even the jewelry I pick up is bright.



This green one is my all time favorite. It says Germany on the clasp.


I’ve also been working on this little doll quilt that is also inspired by the beach. Once I finish embroidering the rest of the snails-oops I mean- starfish and sand dollars (what is with the snails thing lately?) I plan to quilt it with a wavy pattern. Sorry for the dark photo.


Is anyone else out there working on any doll quilt swaps or challenges? I know in the past there were some very popular ones, but I haven't found any that are still going. Maybe I just didn't click on the right things.


Jen said...

Really pretty sea glass necklace. It's so cool that it's made from found objects as well.

bettyninja said...

Thank you! It is one of my favorites. It doesn't see much use now, being in the middle of winter and all, but it will again this summer.