Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leap Day Give-Away Sneak Peek

My first ever giveaway will be this Friday--Leap Day. Here is a little sneak peek. It will be quilted and involves this disappearing nine patch that I learned how to do from Sew Mama Sew's blog.


I will also be throwing in a few other small goodies with this. So brace yourself ya'll.


I am a quilting crazy fool these days. Starting way more things than I can finish, but I just have been gathering so many ideas from other blogs it is making me crazy. These are all the cut up pieces for a new quilt based off of Denyse Schmidt's What a Bunch of Squares. I plan to back it with another quilt. Since I have so many quilt ideas lately and my backs tend to be really boring anyway.


Here is a super link for you too. If you love Rockabilly and you love fashion check it out here.


Karyn said...

A bettyninja quilted original?? Dude, I'm SO in. I'll be back Friday. :-)

kathi d said...

Oh my! I can't wait!!

g said...

Your level of productivity and generosity is truly astounding!

I LOVE the "what a bunch of squares" pattern! If I wasn't such a total freak and could actually sew & quilt it would be the one I would do. And I LOVE the fabrics you're using...can't wait to see more on its progress!