Friday, March 7, 2008

Flip out Friday

Why should you be flipping out? Because it's Friday- official day to goof off at work. I love Fridays! The only thing that is sinking my Friday down a bit is that I have my class tomorrow morning. It takes a big chunk out of my weekend- but on the positive side- at least I was able to take a class this semester and I could work it into my work schedule.

Since it is a Friday, and those of you at work are officially not doing much work since all your co-workers and even your boss have taken the day off or left early, I thought I would share some of my bloggy friends with you. Head over to see doe-c-doe to help her vote on what color to paint her owl collection. I love that she takes these little statues and figures and paints them. It seems so simple, yet I never would have thought of that. She is a vintage goddess by the way- tons of cool craft books, embroidery transfers, and finds are shared on her pages.

I recently found this great blog don't call me becky. I just love the name of her blog and it turns out that she is really interested in fun modern looking quilts.

I also am loving the fun rectangle/ crazy stripe quilt that Tallgrass Prarie Studio has created from $1 thrifted squares. It is so wonderfully original. I could go on for days about all the wonderful blogs I have been reading. I will try to post some more next week.

I have been very busy sewing things that I can't quite show you yet. So instead I will show you things that I have created sometime last year. Rag quilting was one of my first favorites. I loved that you didn't have to be exact with your seams or stitching.

Ragged Denim Quilt

These suckers last forever too.

Ragged Denim Quilt

Here is a wonderful cupboard that I scored for $20. I found it at a perfect time too because we had been living in a house that had no kitchen storage. It is on my list to be refinished. I think it would be great in a gray shade with turquoise inside.


The inside houses all my crazy kitchenware. I have been collecting lusterware for a while now, in fact it was one of my very first collections.



lynne said...

I have hutch envy! Grey and Turquoise will look great and some of your red kitchenware would make great accent pieces!

Karyn said...

How do you find such amazing items for so cheap? That'll be a fun redo project for you.

I have a hutch on my redo list, but it's huge and ridiculously heavy and has so much glass that it's actually scary to think about the potential damage I could do.

Megan Rose said...

I second Lynne's comment about having hutch envy - I can't believe it was only $20! You're obviously a star thrifter.

Jacquie said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for mentioning my quilt on your blog. You are a fab thrifter. That hutch is great and will be spectacular with your finishing.

g said...

Count me as another with hutch envy...that's the sort of thing I never find! Can't wait to see how you restyle it...

Thanks also for mentioning my blog - you are too sweet! I might have some thrifting skills, but sister you are my productivity idol! I wish I could sew like you do, turning out quilts one after you're an awesome thrifter, so its just not fair!!! {stomping of feet, whiny voice}