Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've moved..

I've moved on over to a completely new blog... Inside the Honeycomb.... thanks for following!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Things I love

I am in love with triangles all of a sudden and trees. Triangles and trees and somehow someday making this startup into a quilt....

Trees In Progress

I also love....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Half Cabin Quilt

I recently deemed this quilt the half cabin quilt, but now looking at I realize it is more like a one quarter cabin quilt...Anyway this design and color choice is completely based off this quilt. I fell in such deep love I needed to make one for myself...

Half Cabin Quilt

Half Cabin Quilt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Shop

For the very first time ever- I have decided to put up a few quilts for sale in my shop. They are two of my most favorite quilts for their color combos and graphic design. I'm not looking to start a sewing/quilting etsy shop- I just need to start buying new fabric and supplies again. As you could see here- my stash is depleting quickly and my plans to only buy at yard sales may be short lived!

So without further ado the two quilts for sale are my cross quilts

Yellow Cross Quilt

and Pink Cross

Hot Pink Close up

Barn Quilts

After recently discovering the new wave of barn quilts via this book- I thought I would share. It's a wonderful movement to compliment existing barns with their very own quilts.

quilt barn

Barn Quilt_Hwy30

Buggy Barn

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here is an example of something I tried because I had a small stash. After finishing this quilt I really wanted to bind it in yellow or maybe black or a darker gray.

Since I only had a tiny stash I scrounged around and found enough navy blue to trim it even though the navy blue is actually three different fabrics.

Not my first choice- but I ended up loving it!

The edge

Operation Stash

Since I have been away from quilting the past few years I haven't really been purchasing new fabrics. I picked up irresistible pieces here and there, but for the most part- nothing new.

Since then I have been operating on a tiny stash and a resolution to keep it simple and small. I have to get more creative when I have less. I try color options that I might not try when I have fewer choices. Also, I love love love designer fabrics, but sometimes quilts with too much designer fabric just start to look the same...

So here is my messy stash. Pretty small huh?

Messy messy stash

The bottom shelf has all scraps and unfinished projects. The top shelf is actual "stash."

Messy Stash