Monday, September 29, 2008

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It's amazing how a few days of rain really puts me in a funk. I feel pretty snapped out of it though and realizing I need to keep myself more grounded. I managed to work on some more blocks for a red quilt that I haven't even shown a peak of yet. It is going to be another monster of a quilt since I am planning to make a full sized quilt out of it. I've also been studying up on how to improve my quilting technique, so I can't wait to get started.


I realize too that I haven't been linking much lately. Here are some fabulous quilt inspirations that I've recently clipped. This beautiful autumn inspired quilt. This wonderful pattern. I love the color choices. I love the color choices here too and the wonderful job quilting. I've also needed to start gathering quilt patterns for baby boys for Christmas presents. I love this one for the contrasty binding and the fun backing. Also, this one you must click on! Look at the color choices- killer.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whew, finally

Whew, the store is up ladies! It is amazing how a little bit of rain really opens up your schedule. I'm planning a fun giveaway by the end of this week to celebrate the grand opening. In the meantime, please wander off with me to a place in the woods.

A Place in the Woods

I told you I found this place, right? This place in the woods...



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeah right

Yeah right you say. When will I ever actually get my viewfinder etsy shop open? I hope wicked soon. In the mean time, a photo from a special release series I plan to do.

The Fairy House series.

The fairy house #1

Fine Find

I love this recent find. It is a vintage lino cut block and I can't wait to print with it. It's perfect for this time of year, because if you look closely you can see the scary looking tree is grabbing the little one.



Plus, I just realized that the little one looks kind of freaky with their head all twisted like that too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My treehouse

My treehouse block isn't completely finished, but I was too excited to not show it off. This was so much fun to create. As you may notice, I relied heavily on one of the examples I used as my inspiration (the label that had the treehouse on it).


I still need to stitch around the edges, but I used interfacing underneath. I also plan to stitch a little rope ladder in the little opening at the bottom of the tree.


I ran out of the same blue backing fabric that I had sent to everyone. I think this vintage fabric is close though.


I definitely want to make a few more different treehouses though!

Busy Bee for the Quilting Bee

Yup, I did these super fast. I received the fabrics on Saturday and later that night just went right to it. I am really going to have stay on top of things since this is the second quilt bee I joined up on. The first one I joined was Common Threads and now Busy Little Quilting Bee (I think I have changed the name slightly every time I mention it, but I just checked and it is definitely as above)

So two blocks finished for the hive.

Oh, yes. Does the inside blue block look familiar? I used scraps from the last quilt I just made. Nothing makes a quilter feel better than using up scraps.


This fabric was so beautiful to work with. The gifted soap bar that came along made the fabric even more wonderful to work with as I ironed it.


Monday, September 15, 2008

I had a nice day yesterday. Had a million things to do on my list and ended up just scratching the whole list thing and sewing instead. I haven't just spent a few hours sewing for ages now, so it was well deserved.

I still haven't gotten around to the binding of the two quilt I need to, but what the heck here are some unfinished views.


Hope everyone else threw their lists to the wind at least once this weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Really really this time

So really, really this time I mean it when I say I am going to open an etsy shop soon for my little ttvf photos. I've been thinking of names and themes and how I want to do things.

Also, this weekend I dropped off three photos for a Natural New England themed art show. They hold the event in a barn and there are always so many talented artists showing their work. I am super happy that I was enough on my game to bring them over.


I've also joined another virtual quilt bee Busy Little Quilting Bee, which I may have mentioned before. I just got two packages today with fabric and I started right in. I have so much going on that I know the best way to stay on top of these things will be to get them done asap.

The bonus of the bonus was the Old Red Barn Co. sent a little soap bar along with her fabric. So not only did I get a fabulous freebie, but the fabric smelled sweetly the entire time I stitched and ironed it. Photos to come.

Friday, September 12, 2008


A little viewfinder photography for your Thank God it is Friday. Have a great weekend everyone. I have some stitching planned. Mainly the boring kind since I have two quilts that need their binding finished. It will be great to have the quilts done though!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

And you thought I was gone...

Nope, just wandered off for a sec, but I am back. I did some made sewing for a few weeks and can't wait to show my work to everyone.


This wonderful stack of blue blocks really have caught my fancy. Wait till you see it all together- very exciting for me!


Check this one out. This- this- I repeat is not mine. This was made by Jacquie from Tall Grass Prarie Studio blog. You may recall that August was my month for the Common Threads quilt bee. I sent everyone fabric and asked them to create a treehouse inspired block. Boy did her's come out great.

I have to admit, this one is a pretty hard challenge. In fact, I am even a little nervous sinking my teeth into this theme. Jacquie really helped kick it off for me though and I can't wait to get mine together.
So tomorrow I'll be back to show more progress on the blue quilt above and some other projects. Thanks for sticking with me!