Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weekend

The Side Dish

How did you make out this weekend? Any great finds?

I love this serving dish that I scooped up a few weeks back. On it rests a vintage leather wallet, my big sunglasses, and a Made by Hank purse. I adore her things, i just need to wait until she has a wristlet up. I need something to tie around my wrist or I would loose my purse everywhere.

We also found some new kids books and games. I've also been slowly adding more of my finds to the shop.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Goods

I can't tell you all how nice it feels to be such warmly welcomed back! Thanks so much! I've always been super bad about responding back to people that leave comments, especially if their emails don't show up in the notification. From here on out I plan to do my best leaving responses back to you in the comments section.

Corner by Bedside

Each comment warms my heart completely, so I want you all to know how much I appreciate them!

Last weekend we hit some church rummages and I scored tons of children's books and games. Since I recently started working in a school this is super helpful to score stuff cheap like this.

Animal Zoo

On our way back, our truck was super full but we couldn't help stopping at just one more yard sale. A couple of sweet old ladies were selling furniture they had bought 40 years ago while living in Germany. Lucky for me- they're totally my style.

Side Table with my Field Guides

I can't even tell you how nice matching sidetables makes me feel. Honestly, even though, ugg, I am almost the big three O, matching side tables sort of makes me feel like an adult. Funny because this week I just had a kiddo tell me I don't look like a teacher I look like a kid. Thanks. I think.

Side Table with my Field Guides

Field Guides

My vintage field guides. These are so incredibly fun to flip through. If you like these check out my etsy shop- just listed a couple.

Animal Zoo

I've been hanging onto this heavy weight cake stand and lid, trying to figure out what to do with it. I put a couple of my favorite plastic animals in it and it just worked on the night stands.

Three Lotus Cups by Bed

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The New Start

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back! It's slow going and I'm adjusting to doing projects at a normal pace again. If I get to sew a little bit a few times a week I think that is a great thing.

I am truly sorry for the ladies in the quilt bees with me. I am very late for many reasons- one is, I admit it, I overcommited. The blocks started coming in two or three a month and often people hoped that we could stitch two blocks for them. I am a sucker for that since so many kindly did that unasked for my quilt bee month. The second reason is that I haven't had a sewing machine for a long, long time.

Luckily I had like ten of them all done just needed to be mailed. Those will be out today. Some of the other blocks I will be sewing the next few weeks.

Sorry for the boring updates! We'll be having more fun this week. Especially since i will be showing off what I consider to be the thrift store find of the season. Also, I have really fallen in love with vintage children's books so I will be posting some pics soon. I need to find a suitable little bookcase for my growing collection.

Anyway, a little sewing... This is a project that I've had partially cut and partially stitched for close to a year now.

Grey Blocks

Grey Blocks

Monday, September 7, 2009

Finding My Way Back to Betty Ninja

I've been slowing thinking the past few weeks about getting back to blogging here more. I was a little burnt out before. I was feeling a little over saturated with too much inspirations from all over the web. It was a little hard to get excited about stitching something without feeling like it has all been so overdone already.

Hope I'm not getting to down for everyone.

You're Doing What?

But I'm back and I'm feeling fresh again and I'm feeling like Betty Ninja might slowly morph into something more than just a quilting blog. Does that mean all my quilty friends won't like me anymore? I hope not, because I will certainly be quilting some more. It's just that I'm ready to start snapping shots more, and painting furniture more, and thrifting more.

Sewing Notions

At times thrifting was slim this summer, but the past week or two I've been finding great things. I think it's because I'm actually pausing and looking more carefully.

My Snappy New Kenmore Machine

My old machine was broken and I just couldn't break down and pay the $100 bucks to have her fixed up again. Especially with her tendency to shock me with electricity while sewing.

My Snappy New Kenmore Machine

So.. I scored this great brown Kenmore for $15 and it works. It took some fiddling and a bit of oil and some web searching. But she runs like a charm.

My Snappy New Kenmore Machine

Anyway, I'm completely ready to feel inspired again. Ready for new challenges. By the way, I'm excited about this new site. I'll be whipping up some fun project for them soon. It just seems like fun.