Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Half Cabin Quilt

I recently deemed this quilt the half cabin quilt, but now looking at I realize it is more like a one quarter cabin quilt...Anyway this design and color choice is completely based off this quilt. I fell in such deep love I needed to make one for myself...

Half Cabin Quilt

Half Cabin Quilt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Shop

For the very first time ever- I have decided to put up a few quilts for sale in my shop. They are two of my most favorite quilts for their color combos and graphic design. I'm not looking to start a sewing/quilting etsy shop- I just need to start buying new fabric and supplies again. As you could see here- my stash is depleting quickly and my plans to only buy at yard sales may be short lived!

So without further ado the two quilts for sale are my cross quilts

Yellow Cross Quilt

and Pink Cross

Hot Pink Close up

Barn Quilts

After recently discovering the new wave of barn quilts via this book- I thought I would share. It's a wonderful movement to compliment existing barns with their very own quilts.

quilt barn

Barn Quilt_Hwy30

Buggy Barn

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here is an example of something I tried because I had a small stash. After finishing this quilt I really wanted to bind it in yellow or maybe black or a darker gray.

Since I only had a tiny stash I scrounged around and found enough navy blue to trim it even though the navy blue is actually three different fabrics.

Not my first choice- but I ended up loving it!

The edge

Operation Stash

Since I have been away from quilting the past few years I haven't really been purchasing new fabrics. I picked up irresistible pieces here and there, but for the most part- nothing new.

Since then I have been operating on a tiny stash and a resolution to keep it simple and small. I have to get more creative when I have less. I try color options that I might not try when I have fewer choices. Also, I love love love designer fabrics, but sometimes quilts with too much designer fabric just start to look the same...

So here is my messy stash. Pretty small huh?

Messy messy stash

The bottom shelf has all scraps and unfinished projects. The top shelf is actual "stash."

Messy Stash

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Wonky Stripe Quilt

Another recently finished project. I started this quilt maybe in 2008 or 2009. I was inspired, as always by Denyse Schmidt in both design and color.

The quilt has all over quilting as seen on My Aunt June blog. I have admired My Aunt June's textured quilts, but thought it to be too much work. I finally took the plunge on this quilt because it needed something "more." It took a while to quilt, but this style of quilting becomes very soothing once you get the hang of it and I now plan to do two more quilts in this way.

Blue Stripe Quilt

And PS I like puckers....

Blue Stripe Quilt

Monday, February 13, 2012


I too am totally addicting to Pinterest. Stop by my boards if you so like...and don't forget my quilt pins.

Good afternoon dog

Treehouse Quilt Finished

When I started to feel a little creative again- I decided that I should start where I left off- a half dozen unfinished projects! I have slowly been finishing quilt tops that have been done for years.

The Treehouse Quilt is one of them. From what I can remember- my very first virtual quilt bee month I requested treehouse blocks. Here is the final product:

Treehouse Quilt

And the blocks (many I still need to take photos of):

My treehouse block

My treehouse block

Common Threads Blocks

Common Threads Blocks

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellow Cross Quilt Update

I wrangled a few quilts today in the wind so that you could get a better glimpse of this quilt. I am really into high contrast these days. This yellow is a bright yellow paired with a neutral gray. The binding and back are little stars, medium stars, and polka-dots in navy blue.

Yellow Cross Quilt

Yellow Cross Quilt

Inspiration Galore

As I ease my back way into blogging- I plan to show some changes I've been making...Primarily I have purged, I have used what I have and I have sought inspiration in the everyday.

Recently, I decided to part with my huge collection of Martha Stewart Kids magazines. The lot is up for sale on ebay- twenty magazines in total. Loads of inspiration and great photographs.

Magazine Lot

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilting Again

I’ve been contemplating returning to blogging recently. Lately, after a two year hiatus I felt the need to create again- the need to stitch- the need to quilt. I have to confess that I for a long time I felt that I had burnt myself out. I had overextended myself in so many ways- taking on too many quilt bees, committing to things that I just couldn’t complete at a difficult time in my life.

In that time I just stopped. I didn’t feel the creativeness I used to- the excitement that made me want to sneak in twenty minutes here fifteen minutes there on my machine.

Then one day, something changed. I started to feel the urge to create again. Truthfully it started slow. I found myself pinning things on pinterest and creating small spaces of retreat at home and the next thing I knew I started pulling out old unfinished projects.

So I think I am back. I think I will try to start again. I am truly sorry to all the lovely women (and men!) in the quilt bees that I suddenly dropped out of and to the commitments I could not keep. I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive…

In the mean time yet another cross quilt. I am still fully addicted to the simplicity of this pattern and sharpness of the colors.

Yellow Cross Quilt

Better pics to come!