Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The New Start

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back! It's slow going and I'm adjusting to doing projects at a normal pace again. If I get to sew a little bit a few times a week I think that is a great thing.

I am truly sorry for the ladies in the quilt bees with me. I am very late for many reasons- one is, I admit it, I overcommited. The blocks started coming in two or three a month and often people hoped that we could stitch two blocks for them. I am a sucker for that since so many kindly did that unasked for my quilt bee month. The second reason is that I haven't had a sewing machine for a long, long time.

Luckily I had like ten of them all done just needed to be mailed. Those will be out today. Some of the other blocks I will be sewing the next few weeks.

Sorry for the boring updates! We'll be having more fun this week. Especially since i will be showing off what I consider to be the thrift store find of the season. Also, I have really fallen in love with vintage children's books so I will be posting some pics soon. I need to find a suitable little bookcase for my growing collection.

Anyway, a little sewing... This is a project that I've had partially cut and partially stitched for close to a year now.

Grey Blocks

Grey Blocks


Amber said...

Somehow the pressure of having to sew makes me not want to sew :-)
Hope you can get caught up - I don't like that feeling!
The color combo on that quilt is amazing!!

bettyninja said...

Thanks Amber!