Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay before I forget again the winner of the giveaway quilt is....Jacquie from Tall Grass Prarie Studio. Uh-oh for me because I had a super hard time with the binding and my machine- I hope you don't mind Jacquie!

So, couches. This blue one is one that I snagged before it was thrown out. I plan to recover it in a gray or light blue so that the other one that I hope to buy soon matches.


I love the simple shape and how small it is. We currently just have two chairs, so we are really moving on up now.


I got this beautiful print at the Salvation Army for $2.50. I think it would look great on the wall behind the blue couch pictured above.




On another note I am very pleased that people have been buying things from me on etsy! It really makes my day when I get an order.

I just ordered a macro lens from B&H photo for my through the viewfinder experiementing. I can't wait to get it and build a contraption for it! Isn't this week the best? I find it very exciting knowing that a holiday weekend is approaching.


Anonymous said...

That couch is really, really awesome. I love the shape of it.

Are you saying you got it for free because someone was throwing it out? Score!

Congrats on all your Etsy sales!

Oiyi said...

Awesome couch!

jacquie said...

I just fell off my chair! I won. I never win anything! I'm so happy!!! I love that quilt. Thanks so much. Wow, dang yippee!!! By the way, that is one fabulous couch. Love it. You amaze me every time I come here!!!

Bec said...

I am SO taken by that couch. Sensational!!!

Rebekah said...

that couch is amazing! love the tufting on it too : )