Monday, January 26, 2009

Project Improv I

I wasn't sure where I would go with my Project Improv quilt. Generally my quilts, while they have some block in mind, are not all that planned out. I've recently started just using scissors versus the rotary cutter and that is fun. It also makes the cutting process somewhat easier for me since I don't have to square up my work as frequently. I did use the scissors for these blocks.

My fabrics are mainly my giant bag of scraps from this quilt and salvaged linen. I can score linen quite cheap at Salvation Army on 50 cents day. If I buy an extra large of the skirt/shirt/dress I can often get a yard of material.

Improv Blue Blocks

I am still looking to make more blocks for this quilt. I think I will have it be throw size. I like working on smaller quilts when I have less time overall.

Improv Blue Blocks

Improv Blue Blocks


Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

The linen against the blue looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

very nice. i'm anxious to get started...there are a few other projects that MUST find their way off my sewing table first...but small bursts of color within a larger neutral framework keeps floating through my head also. i love yours!

LauraJ said...

it will be wonderful! when i first saw this i thought oh how soothing is this? it's gorgeous even in it's uncompleted form.

cathy gaubert said...

i love linen in quilts, even though it can be a bit tricky to work with. i, like you, am so excited when i can find xl linen skirts (especially) and shirts at the thrift shop. however, i've not been lucky enough to only pay 50 cents! :) i can't wait to see it when it is done, and i am so thrilled that you (and all of the other busy little bees) will be making a block for to get that fabric sent out!!!

jacquie said...

i'm a linen thrifter much better than paying those outrages prices for a yard! i'm loving your start on this! i'm still in finish project from last year mode. though i may have to violate that pledge...i'm itching to start!

Kerri said...

this is looking so lovely!! i love the blues with the linen!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the way these blocks look as a result of using scissors. There is a softness and fluidity to the lines that you can't get with a rotary cutter no matter how random you try to make cuts. I may have to explore this too. It looks so much more organic. What kind of scissors are you using?

Thanks for the tip about thrifting linen; that never occurred to me. I'll have to check out my local stores sometime soon.

Love these blocks.

Memories Of Mine said...

I would never have thought to use linen for a quilt, but it looks like it is working well.

I always admire your creative ideas.

Sara said...

I've never worked w/ linen but think I need to give it a try. I really like the idea of getting the material from a restore. Cannot wait to see the finished product!