Sunday, January 18, 2009



  • To be in this online crafting class. I need an excuse to try out new media.
  • Love this quilt by fellow Common Threads quilter Jenny. (actually like all her quilts)
  • Dig the pleats on this quilt block from Small Fox. Imagining all the possibilities.
  • Looking for a new photo project idea. I want to keep rolling with my viewfinder photography, but it is hard when I never get to see sunlight.
  • Searching for another virtual quilt bee to part of. I seriously love being part of quilt bees.

See you this week. I have some quilting to show and some home finds that I am also thrilled about.


Jilly said...

If you find another quilt bee with space, let me know. I'd love to join one -- they look so fun.

Anonymous said...

Also searching for a virtual quilting bee! I may just start one of my own!

Jeniqua said...

I also would love to join a bee like the last one you did! Please let me know if you find one...btw I love this blog!