Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wrap your own Sea Glass

I know there is a lot of sea glass jewelry out there, but this wrapping technique is super easy and looks very nice.


Supplies to make sea glass necklace: craft wire (26 gauge works well) jump rings, clasps (your choice), soldering gun, solder, sea glass of course!

Step 1

Step 1: cut a 6 inch length of the wire with your wire cutters

Step 2

Step 2: Make a upside down U shape like this about two inches in from the end of your wire

Step 3

Step 3: Cross the wire over the U shape you just made.

Step 4

Step 4: Now place the wire on the back of the sea glass with the loop you just created on the side of the sea glass. You will want to do this so that the next loop you create is on the opposite side of the first loop.

Step 5

Step 5: Next you will be making the same loop directly across from the first one. Start to create your U shape and twist it several times creating a loop just as you did in Steps 1-4.

Step 6

Step 6: Now you have two loops on opposite ends of the same piece of wire and a loose 4-5 inch tail.


Step 7

Step 7: Take the tail and encircle the sea glass with it

Step 8

Step 8: First circle around sea glass. Now do that several more times, until you have done several more loops around. The amount of times you go around will depend on how large of a piece you selected.

Step 9

Step 9: After looping it several times the front should look like this. Sort of tidy and neat. The back is where the two side loops are.

Step 10

Step 10: Now open your jump rings and attach them to each side loop.

Step 11

Step 11 Open your jump ring and attach it to the side loop of the next piece of sea glass you are using. Keep attaching pieces until you reach the desired length, soldering each piece is you so choose, to add strength to the jump rings.

Step 12

Step 12: Attach your clasp to the ends.

Finished Necklace

Now go get some sea glass!


kelly said...

Pretty! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

Oiyi said...

What lovely results!

Chickpea said...

VERY cool tutorial, thanks!

jacquie said...

This is beautiful. Are you selling this or keeping it for yourself? I always look for sea glass, but never am lucky enough to find any.

Rachel said...

Great instructions! Your technique is so professional and the finished project is so pretty!

Rachel said...

I tagged you, if you're interested in playing!

Miki said...

Found this through the Craftzine blog and wow! My son & I have been collecting pieces of sea glass from Monterey, CA for the last few years and have a jar full. This will be a great summer project! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Question though....when do you Solder?

bettyninja said...

Hi Zoey:

You solder each jump ring closed- if you want. You could choose to just squeeze each jump ring, but soldering it gives it a bit more strength. I hope that helps ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

great job girl!i live on the santa fe river in florida & i do the same with river rocks.hope to see more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love sea glass and this is LOVELY!


Vicky aka Stichr said...

Very nice instructions. My daughter made a garland with rocks from the beach, just the generic kind, and this method would have made it much easier. [she also added driftwood, but don't know if you'd want that hanging around your neck...]

ceregana said...

really pretty!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


that pretty awesome!!!

love to try~~

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The Beading Gem said...

Totally cool! Most people would only wrap one but your linked sea glass creation is lovely. Will link in a future blog post.

~MyGalSal~The "Bird Whisperer" said...

I would love to learn this craft. I have only been collecting sea glass since last July and have mostly yellow, seafoam green and frosted white. I am hoping to make a tree ornament for my three sisters and my daughter for Christmas but dont know where to begin.

Unknown said...

thanks for this tutorial! easy and beautiful!:)